The Blackwell Ranch was established in 2015 when we purchased our first ranch style home in NWA. It was a complete "fixer-upper," channeling our inner Chip and Joanna, we made it into our little farmhouse. Though we only had 1/2 acre of land, we made the most of it fostering puppies and welcoming in any stray until we found them a loving home. Due to some rezoning of the empty 23-acre field next to us, we decided to sell our home and buy a new construction home. Being raised on a 200-acre cattle farm in SW Missouri, I was determined to bring the suburban farmhouse alive again! In our Blog section, you will find projects that I am working on, the places I go and the cool things I find. We are blessed to have a sweet/crazy little boy, the best rescued 82lb Coonhound, a 14 year-old grumpy cat, and 3 Goldendoodles.

After raising and breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis for 13 years back in Missouri, we welcomed our first Goldendoodle to our home. We knew that we wanted a Goldendoodle because of their sweet temperament and cute look. We quickly found out that there were not many Goldendoodle breeders in our area. After having Rosie for a few months, we knew that we wanted to provide other families the opportunity to have these great companions and year later, we welcomed Reese and Rein to family!

Rosie, Reese, and Rein are raised in our home. We take a lot of pride in bringing top-notch Goldendoodles who are loved on and pampered from day one. All puppies will come with a "New Home" package, a one-year health certificate, a spay or neuter contract and will have started (if not mastered) crate training.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, we hope to add you to The Blackwell family!

<3 The Blackwells