Hey, It's Me

Where to start? Writing can make me anxious. I am terrible at grammar, so for all of you grammar wizards out there, turn around now. Trust me; this will not be fun for you.

If you made it past that warning, welcome 😊 This blog is a little mix of everything. From projects I’m working on, through navigating the struggle of parenthood, it’s all here, it’s all real, and it is all just a day in the life of the Blackwell Ranch.

First, let’s talk about the last six or so years… 2014 was an eventful year. On August 1st, I graduated from college. August 4th, I started my first “real job.” October 4th, I got married, November 15th, I turned 23, December 15th, found out I was pregnant, and December 19th made a move to Northwest Arkansas. Since then, I have worked with amazing people and a few amazing companies from small businesses to fortune 500’s. I received my master’s degree and became Vice President of one of the best animal non-profits in Northwest Arkansas.

If you know me, you know I have trouble sitting still. But not because I can enjoy the moment in front of me, but because I think you should always be striving for more. I am sure other stories will come out about those years, so I’ll spare you all of the details now. Fast forward; I have 4.5yo, WHAT, yes, 4.5 year old little boy. I wish I could say that I don’t know how the time went so fast, but the fact is, I do. As you read above, the Blackwells have been a little busy. We have three Goldendoodles and one rescue pup.

On top of everything, we recently opened our home to a foster home. Oh boy, it has been an experience. When we started this process, we had plans to stay in birth order, only accept adoption placements of one maybe, two kids, and go about our normal little day… HA! Oh, the things we tell ourselves to feel like we are in control.
Note, we are not in control. Also, we now have an almost 16yo daughter… and a soon to 13yo sister on the way.

Along with bad grammar, I hope you like twist and turns because there will 100% be more of those.