Meet the Parents

Rosie is an F1 Standard Goldendoodle. She is 55lbs and was born Memorial Day weekend of 2017. Rosie is one of the most loyal companions you will ever find! When she is not snuggled up on the couch with us, she is playing fetch for hours. We like to call her a "Rose Gold" Goldendoodle because she is not quite blonde enough to be apricot and not deep red enough to be a true red. Rosie has a light shed coat.

Reese is an F1B Mini Goldendoodle. He is 18lbs and was born March of 2018. This snuggle-y little teddy bear is the perfect mix of calm and spunky. We have never considered our family to be a "small dog" family, but Reese has completely changed that! Reese has a non-shed coat.

Rein is an F1B Medium Goldendoodle. She is 25lbs. She was born in November of 2018. Rein joined The Blackwell Ranch Christmas 2018. See any coincidence there, (Rein)deer? She is a beautiful brown merle Goldendoodle, and we are so excited to watch her grow! Rein has a non-shed coat.

Summer 2020 Puppies are on their way! Reese and Rein welcomed 7 beautiful pups last winter and we are excited to see the next liter!

They have had tests completed through Embark.